Our Story

It all started in the end of the 90's when both brothers got their first snowboards at Christmas, we grew up on the west coast in Finland which is probably the flattest place on earth. So it was really something special when we went to the mountains for the first time and the passion was born.

In between trips to the mountains we had to get creative if we wanted to snowboard. We built a drop in ramp to get speed for a jump or couple of rails, sometimes we even built a kicker on a flat field and towed each other behind a snowmobile.

Some years later we both ended up studying woodworking and design. We continued going to the mountains and the passion for snowboarding kept growing.

But after school we somehow ended up going different directions, Simon the older brother founded his own construction company and started a family, but still went to the mountains as much as possible with the kids and wife. Martin followed his dream and started travelling and snowboarding as much as possible, grabbing whatever kind of work to be able to fund his lifestyle.

It was 2018 when Martin came home after a longer trip doing seasons in New Zeeland and Australia and told his brother he's been snapping a lot of boards during his travels, Simon straight away responded 'why don't we start making our own snowboard? That's when the idea started to grow, after a lot of planning we made our first prototype in our garage in the end of 2019.

It's truly something special to get creative with designing and shaping boards, so we decided we want to share it with the rest of the world !